Welcome to follia A dream, a restaurant

“Hi ha una saviesa del seny i una saviesa -més alta- de la follia. Per a l’alta vida de l’ànima, el seny solament serveix per a decidir quan cal llançar-se a la follia.” Ramon Llull

Restaurant Follia

A beautifully restored farmhouse in Sant Joan Despi, near Barcelona, is the cradle of our folly. Wood, stone, iron and glass make an elegant setting where Jó Baixas, the head chef, developes his creativity to the surprise and delight the guests. The Follia restaurant, Jó’s most personal vision, is a dreamlike space where you feel can comfortable and enjoy a high-level cuisine. Innovative creations, often a bit eccentric, without never forgetting his roots. It is the essence elevated to madness. A unique experience to please all senses.

A meeting point for creativity, enthusiasm and hardwork, Follia is a dream come true. And not only because of its dishes based on fresh products, but also because of its environment, an oasis in Baix Llobregat. It’s avant-garde design, in which intervened directly Jó Baixas, a cook with the soul of an architect.

An open kitchen, legless tables placed in a glass dining with a view of a splendid garden full of tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and fruit trees, and vines. Because we love wine, this passion is reflected in our carefully selected wines, with over 200 references. The ultimate expression of our madness is the ‘upside down menu’ that starts with a gin and tonic with pink pepper and ends with the appetizer. A challenge for the senses that is worth trying.